Metalworking & Manufacturing


Jobs in metalworking and manufacturing are often dangerous, and the process is often inefficient. Our products can remove operators from dangerous work zones while significantly increasing the productivity of the operation. 

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  • Machine Tending Robotic Cell

    mt3-1 1Quality performance of your machines is essential for the success of your business. Our machine tending robots help ensure that quality is upheld at the best cost.


    • Improved safety
    • Increased productivity
    • 1 year parts & labour warranty
    • Dual machine tending
    • Multiple part handling
    • Integrated vision system
    • Full turnkey package or retrofit existing machine
    • Any additional custom requests
    • Mill tending
    • Lathe tending
    Key Specifications
    • Payload: Up to 10kg
    • Reach: 1.2m
    • Load/Unload Speed: Up to 15 cycles/min


  • Robotic Palletizing Cell

    Floor LayoutThe Remtech Systems palletizing cell utilizes dedicated palletizers to eliminate potential injuries while providing guaranteed savings and a quick payback period.


    • Improved safety
    • Increased productivity
    • Optimal payload
    • 1 year parts & labour warranty
    • Automated pallet wrapper
    • Automated pallet dispenser
    • Automated stretch wrapping
    • Integrated barcode reader
    • Up to 4 pallets with single robot
    • Any additional custom requests
    • Palletizing
    • De-palletizing
    • Material handling
    • De-panning
    Key Specifications
    • Payload: 30kg - 500kg
    • Reach: 1.5m - 3.2m
    • Pick & Place Speed: Up to 15 cycles/min
    • Palletizes: boxes, bales & bags

  • Robotic Machining Cell

    MRC-1The Remtech Systems MRC provides incredible flexibility and the ability to process multiple machining functions with just one setup. The optimal reach and flexibility of the robotic arm allows access to geometries that typical tooling arms do not provide.


    • 6-axis flexibility
    • Improved safety
    • Increased productivity
    • Enclosed structure
    • 1 year parts & labour warranty

    • Automatic tool changing
    • Fully integrated graphical interface
    • Offline programming software

    • Milling
    • Drilling
    • Reaming
    • Polishing
    • Material removal
    • De-burring
    Key Specifications
    • Work Cell: 130" x 144"
    • Work Envelope: 64" x 32" x 32"
    • Part Weight Capacity: 1000kg
    • Spindle: Up to 20Hp
    • Speed: 12,000rpm
    • Materials: All
  • Robotic Welding Cell

    lincolnWelding is one of the most common yet dangerous processes in manufacturing. A robotic welder allows you to speed up the process while removing the welder from the danger zone. 


    • Improved safety
    • Increased productivity
    • Eliminates human error
    • Enhanced quality, consistency & repeatability
    • Reduces outsourcing
    • 1 year parts & labour warranty


    • Torch cleaning station
    • Touch sensing software
    • Servo torch package
    • Integrated vision system
    • Offline programming

    Applicationsabb welder

    • All welding applications


    As a preferred integrator, Remtech Systems can offer all ABB and Lincoln Electric welding cells.