Food/Beverage Production


Industrial robotics have proven very effective in in production industries of all sizes. The use of robotics & automation in food & beverage production will not only result in safer operations, but will realize a quick payback period as a result of increased productivity and consistency. 

The flexibility of robotics allows one installation to work with multiple products of multiple sizes and shapes. 

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  • Flexible Pick & Place Robotic Cell

    fprcThe pick & place function is among the most common and labour-intensive activities in production environments. The Remtech Systems FPRC drastically improves the efficiency of your facility with speed, accuracy and repeatability. 


    • High speed
    • Optimal payload
    • Integrated vision software
    • Increased productivity
    • 1 year parts & labour warranty
    • Multi-robot system
    • Wash-down
    • Stainless clean room ISO Class 5-7
    • Customizable end-of-arm tooling
    • Other custom options available upon request
    • Assembly
    • Material handling
    • Packing
    • Picking
    • Stamping
    Key Specs
    • Load: 1kg, 3kg or 8kg
    • Reach: 800mm - 1,600mm
    • Pick & Place Speed: 120 cycles/min
  • Robotic Palletizing Cell

    Floor Layout

    The Remtech Systems palletizing cell utilizes dedicated palletizers to eliminate potential injuries while providing guaranteed savings and a quick payback period.


    • Improved safety
    • Increased productivity
    • Optimal payload
    • 1 year parts & labour warranty
    • Automated pallet wrapper
    • Automated pallet dispenser
    • Automated stretch wrapping
    • Integrated barcode reader
    • Up to 4 pallets with single robot
    • Any additional custom requests
    • Palletizing
    • De-palletizing
    • Material handling
    • De-panning
    Key Specs
    • Payload: 30kg - 500kg
    • Reach: 1.5m - 3.2m
    • Pick & Place Speed: Up to 15 cycles/min
    • Palletizes: boxes, bales & bags